Details that matter. Newest addition to our collection, featuring alluring, thoughtful and purposeful design, each of our accessories is carefully made. These are the finishing touches that every outfit needs.


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Bridal Edit

Indulge in the elegance of simplicity with our collection of wedding dresses that are nothing short of poetic. Our minimalist dresses are crafted to perfection, exuding a refined beauty that speaks to the modern bride's desire for something simple, yet extraordinary. Step away from the traditional and embrace the poetic beauty of minimalism on your special day with our thoughtfully curated collection.



Introducing the Ephemere Resort 2022 Collection, inspired by the Japanese concept of mono no aware, the pathos of things. Each piece is carefully crafted in our workshop and showcases soft calming colors, airy silhouettes, and delicate florals that convey a sense of movement and the poetry of ephemerality.


Introducing our Floralia Spring Summer 2023 Collection, inspired by the captivating Floralia festival. Embodying the essence of spring, our pieces bloom with vibrant colors and light fabrics that dance in the breeze, evoking the beauty of a garden in full flourish. Every detail has been thoughtfully crafted to capture the freshness and joy of this season, reminding us of the beauty of nature and the hope of a new beginning


A thoughtful small edit of a few of our favorite objects for your living space, including artwork, ceramics, lamp, and more.


Introducing the latest Spring/Summer 2021 Reverie Collection. Our designs capture the ethereal and romantic essence of a distant and peaceful world, with clean lines, floaty fabrics, and pastel-hued colors that evoke a sense of lightness and freedom. Each piece is crafted with carefree voluminous silhouettes that dance with the wind and add to the overall dreamy effect. 


Introducing our Spring/Summer 22 collection, inspired by the hues and romance of summer wine. Our pieces flow with the elegance of floating fabrics and fluid silhouettes, adorned with feminine details and clean lines. Delicate shades of soft pink, reminiscent of a glass of rosé on a summer evening, create a dreamy palette that speaks to the heart.  

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This Soleil Resort collection draws inspiration from the idyllic summer days spent on a beautiful island. The serene landscape, blooming meadows, and picturesque sunsets serve as the muse for this collection. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with fanciful and dreamy details, including delicate floral motifs and fabrics that capture the essence of natural light and fresh air. The color palette evokes memories of warm sun-kissed days, ranging from classic white, blush, peach, to beige and marigold.