Our Story

ÁINE is an independent slow fashion brand founded in 2015 and based in Indonesia. We create limited-production pieces made with care and attention to detail. Our signature items showcase airy silhouettes, delicate sheer materials such as organza and embroidered tulle, as well as dainty detailing. ÁINE intertwines minimalism with romance and femininity, resulting in pieces that exude a timeless allure loved by our customers from across many countries.

Behind The Brand

Hello, I'm Femilia! After completing my studies in 2014 at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, where I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Textile, I embarked on the journey of establishing ÁINE. This endeavor was driven by my steadfast belief in simplicity, a connection with nature, and a rejection of the fast-paced, industrialized lifestyle. For me, ÁINE emerged as a means of finding solace amidst the bustling chaos of Jakarta, transforming into a serene sanctuary woven into life's intricate tapestry.

This personal journey of mine mirrors the sentiments many of us share—a longing for reprieve from the relentless urban tempo. Inspired by the Romanticism movement's veneration of the irrational, the naïve, the free, the different, the strange, and the dramatic, ÁINE endeavors to weave these very qualities into each timeless, high-quality garment. This connection with Romanticism and the rejection of industrialization forms the bedrock of my creative process, enabling us to craft pieces that capture the essence of artistry, freedom, and life's little pleasures.