Our Story

ÁINE is a global, independent slow fashion brand founded in 2015. We create limited-production pieces made with care and attention to detail. Our signature pieces feature voluminous silhouettes, delicate sheer materials like organza and embroidered tulle, and intricate detailing. Drawing inspiration from the era of Romanticism, we intertwine minimalism with romance and femininity, creating pieces that exude timeless allure.

Our founder, Femilia Putri, embraces Romantic ideals of simplicity, nature, and a rejection of the fast-paced, industrialized lifestyle.

Romanticism exalted the irrational, the naïve, the free, the different, the strange, and the dramatic, and through our timeless, high-quality garments, we aim to evoke these qualities. Our pieces inspire our customers to embrace the beauty of simplicity and the joy of self-expression, as well as to celebrate life's little pleasures.