Personalize your style with our custom services.

Custom Service

If you wish to personalize an existing style by making minor modifications, such as turning a short dress into a medium-length one, adding or removing ribbons, adding a belt, creating a slit, or if you need a custom size (smaller or larger), we offer this service at no additional cost. Simply fill out the form below to let us know your preferences. We will respond promptly with confirmation of request approval and an estimated timeframe.

The availability of custom requests depends on fabric stock and ongoing slots. If your request is approved, payment must be completed after the order is placed. Creating a custom order takes usually 1-2 weeks; however, the timeframe may change depending on how intricate your requests are and the current volume of custom orders.

Given the unique and tailored nature of custom orders exclusively created for you, returns for these customized pieces are not available.

For what type of occasion(s) do you intend to wear these pieces? (Please check all that apply.)

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