Our Story


About Us

Founded in 2015, ÁINE is an independent brand that presents collections of subtle beautiful and effortless designs. We are frequently inspired by arts and romanticism and this has evolved into a strong desire to create clothes that gently remind you of the simple yet beautiful things in life.


Our Purpose

Our sole intention is to produce thoughtful design pieces and make it accessible to you. ÁINE is committed to consistently delivering long-lasting products at a fair and reasonable price as we sincerely believe it is the best way to show that - at ÁINE you can buy less but better.


One of a Kind, Just like You

Without a doubt, mass-production harms the environment and has a negative impact in various ways. As we want to avoid oversupply products and aim to minimize the wastes of overproduction, therefore, every style comes in small quantities. We don't restock our products unless there's a significant number of pre-orders requested by customers. We also produce items in small batches using deadstock fabric, so each of our clothes are limited depending on the fabric’s availability, making each of our designs is unique and special — just like you. 


Made Locally with Love

Independently designed, each product is responsibly made in Indonesia. Every piece of ÁINE is made with extra attention and neatly finished by our local supplier who has a small-run, and family operated production facility that ensures a safe and healthy working environment. 

ÁINE is built by a very small team consisting of just a handful of people. Therefore every purchase you made is a meaningful contribution to us. And we thank you for supporting our local business.

With Love & Gratitude,